DSA - Direct Sales Agent


By the Finpe app we empower retailers with the capacity to provide basic banking, digital and financial services at their own retail stores. we are finding distributors who can help us in our process of empowering all the merchants with the Fintech. hereby an opportunity is being provided to the distributors who sells pharmacy products ,FMCG goods, telecom services or any other products and services and also to the direct selling agents to reach out to the retailers. as well it is a pretty good chance for the distributors and the DSAs to trigger their profit by onboarding retailers and they can also earn extra revenue from the transactions made by the retailers. besides of extra earnings they are also being a part of digital India by digitizing Indian retailers.


ü   Special App and Web Portal

ü   Cash Management 

ü   Instant Retailer Onboarding

ü   24*7 customer care service

ü   Earn on every retailer onboarding & transaction

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