ABOUT US - Finpe


Fintech in Solving Rural & Urban Banking

Finpe a brand of Fintech Banking & Financial Services is a fastest growing company in Fintech banking industry by providing B2B and B2C solutions in Pan India. Our aim is to provide banking services via our banking platform in the form of  Finpe Merchants, Finpe DSA and Finpe SDSA in Pan India so that our Fintech partners can earn and also assist the common peoples to use our services from their neighbour. We aim to build our network of minimum 1 lakh merchants by the end of 2021 in Pan India.

Finpe aims’ to give banking a big scope by providing secure, safe and easy banking platform through its’ mobile application and web portal.

A large number of population in India is still unaware of digital banking platform in India. We at Finpe aims to educate every individuals to learn and use digital banking platform and also provide banking needs just beside their neighbour to boost the banking industry. Lack of ATM’s and bank branches in rural and urban sector of banking is still a big issue in India, which we think we can solve with our Mission & Vision. We act as a bridge by providing Banking & Non Banking services through our brand store through our vendor partners.

Mission & Vision

²Delivering Digital Banking Software

²Educate the individuals on Digital Infrastructure
²Banking Outlets at every streets of the society
²ATM Counters at Every Brand Store
²Empowering every Individuals to become our next Entrepreneur of India.
²Promoting “Atmanirbhar Bharat”